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My eldest son lives with a mild form of Autism. He occasionally asks me why God made him that way. I have two answers to that question:

1)      I believe that all people with disabilities teach people something. Even if only one person needs to get the message, that is the wisdom behind God’s creation. No matter how intellectually or physically impaired a person is, each life has a purpose and must be lived out in order to accomplish it.

2)      Every person living with Autism is affected to varying degrees. Some cannot speak, while others can. My son, Maurice can speak, read and write. He is not a savant, nor is he a computer whiz. He has his challenges as do others with this condition. I feel his abilities allow him to tell the world what others with this condition will never be able to express.

Maurice wrote a very poignant poem for his English class which reflects his awareness of how the world sees him. It’s hard to be a teenager and it is even harder to be a teenager who is obviously different from the others. Although I normally post business related items on my blog, I think I would like to give Maurice the opportunity to tell the world how he feels. His poem is below.

A Special Guy

By: Maurice Cormier

God it’s great to be a Special Guy

When you’re looked at

People talking about

How stupid you are

How people love to see you go


If you don’t mind at all

God it’s great to be a Special Guy

When people start kicking you out

Of their little social group

Or run away when they see you

Start talking crap in front of you

And laughing

If you don’t mind at all

Oh God it’s great to be a Special Guy

When Girls you try to talk to

Look away and tremble in fear

Friends and boyfriends start threatening you

If you don’t mind at all

Oh Dear God it’s great to be a Special Guy

Having no friends

Eating lunch by myself

Making imaginary people

Feeling angry

If you don’t mind at all

Yes, God it’s so great to be a Special Guy

Getting extra hours on tests

Going on field trips

A nice place to chill and settle

Extra help is close by

And just generally

“Enjoying life in school”


But then right in the middle of relaxation

Comes the shining

Special Ed. Room



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