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Many books have been written about success. Some are based on studies of successful people (Naploeon Hill), and others are based on who knows what. Most people who have managed to achieve a lot in life will tell you they had plenty of failures, but they obviously learned something along the way.

In my mind, “The Secret” to success is the following:

  1. Plan, don’t just visualize
  2. Act, don’t just think
  3. Look for opportunity, don’t just wait
  4. Create, don’t just observe creation
  5. Be fearless because mistakes can be disguised opportunities
  6. Learn from your mistakes
  7. Don’t give up. Where there is a will there is a way. Continually look for “other ways”
  8. Always be willing to adjust your plan: e.g., visualizing about selling something to a non-existent market will not make it happen. If you can’t create the market, then you have to be willing to sell something the market has a need for.
  9. Don’t work alone. You can’t be successful without support from others. Build a support network of people who can benefit you in some way.
  10. Give. If you don’t give, you will never get. In this world what goes around, comes around. You must give unconditionally in order to receive.
  11. Be patient and determined. Sometimes we have to follow a long path to get to where we want to be. Everything happens for a reason. Know that there is a wisdom behind the things you must endure in life, even when that wisdom is not immediately apparent. This is just another way life disguises opportunities.

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